About Me

I’m a 50 something woman living alone in Central Oregon. Well, alone if you don’t count the 2 cats (Calliope and Burt) and all the outside beasties (sheep, an alpaca, and chickens) I raise the most endangered breed of sheep in America, Romeldales. More people recognize the term CVM, which actually is just a color variation of the Romeldale. Since they don’t breed true they can’t actually be called a separate breed.

I spin (yarn, not bikes), knit and weave. I have a day time job, but that isn’t where my heart lies. Fiber arts make my soul sing. Now to figure out how to make enough money at that to give up the outside salary.

I have three children, but the midlde one died in a car crash a few years ago. Still dealing with that one. Kid the Elder is married, no kids yet. Kid the Younger is in college and engaged.


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