All Done

And that quickly, kidding season is over. Wow, that was fast! In a week, my goat herd has more than tripled. I’ve gone from 3 very pregnant does to 10 goats!

I had told the Goat Girls that I had plans on Tuesday (more on that later), so they needed to cooperate. Clara had her twin boys on Monday afternoon. Compared to the triplets, these guys are bruisers! Taller, heavier, even their voices are bigger. It appears that the triplets took after the Nigerian Dwarf side of their mom’s family. The new boys show the Angora influence of their father in their cute curly coats. In honor of their birth date, I picked Irish names for them. Oran is a solid chamoisee, while Odell’s pattern is interrupted by a wide white belt.

Claras boys

Yesterday, Cloe cooperated with my plans for the day by being in labor in the morning and quickly (and loudly!) delivering a pair of doelings. They are a nearly perfectly matched pair, the only difference being the amount of white on their foreheads and their ear set (not obvious until they completely dried). Olivia has the more Alpine (upright) ears of her mother, and Omega has the same droop ears as all the boys. Again, I got the curly coat I was hoping for.

Cloes girls in the sun

All the babies are doing great, and this weekend I will be building them a play area so that they can quit pestering the mommies and sheep that are trying to nap in the sunshine. There will be much bouncing. I have been locking the triplets up at night in a big dog crate so that I can milk Myrtle in the morning, and Clara’s boys will be joining them tonite (I’ll give the girls a day or 2 more before they join too). I make sure that everyone nurses well before bed time, and at least for the time being I am putting Myrtle’s milk into a bottle that gets shared by the triplets during the day. Especially first thing in the morning it’s hard for them all to get breakfast at once, but I am not interested in taking over entirely. Othello is the best at attacking the bottle, but his brothers are catching on to the idea too. They are just so stinking cute and tiny it’s hard to get anything else done during the day! The twins are all about twice their size, but their diminutive size does not seem to faze them in the least.

So, what were the plans on Tuesday that I didn’t want interrupted? Laura had bought a “new” car on the other side of the mountains and we needed to run over and get it. We also took the opportunity to run by Michelle‘s and give her a quick lesson in tubing a lamb (a wonderful skill that every shepherd/goatherd should have). I also got the chance to meet her wonderful horse, Lance.

The original plan had been to take the borrowed car back at the end of our trip but it was getting late, so we put that off until yesterday. Luckily, Cloe cooperated with that too so I was just a little late to meet up with Laura again, and we had a nice visit with the friends that had loaned her their spare car while she vehicle-hunted. We had a grand time swapping stories and socializing Tillie, who is sister to Laura’s Aengus. It was nice to sit in the sun with good friends! And as an added bonus, Laura treated me to lunch at a new-to-us Mexican restaurant, which was recommended by another mutual friend. We will definitely be going back, because it was fantastic.


3 Responses to “All Done”

  1. Michelle Says:

    So nice to see you again! Come on back anytime.

  2. thecrazysheeplady Says:

    “There will be much bouncing.” 😀

  3. Leigh Says:

    Congratulations on a successful kidding season! So glad things went well and the kids cooperated with your plans. 🙂 I just realized Zoey might be pregnant so I end up with more kids than I originally anticipated.

    You may find that those droopy ears stiffen out a bit with growth. That was the case with my three Nigerian/Kiko cross kids last year. They all ended up with airplane ears, LOL

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