Over Fair

I enjoy going to and showing at our county fair. Most years I actually show at ours and the next county over, but this year money is a bit tighter and I confined myself to just my home county (I will go visit the other one). It it an enormous amount of work getting everything in and set up, but I am very passionate about sharing my animals and my crafts with the public. When we are not showing or taking care of the beasties, we are usually in the sheep barn spinning. I am usually one of the first people in the barn in the morning and almost always the last one out at night.

This year, my friend Correy brought in some brand new lambs, born the day before fair started. Her rams escaped 5 months ago and 2 of her ewes had babies as a result. They were absolutely adorable, and a crowd favorite for sure. I hadn’t used up all the pens assigned to me, so they were at the end of that row, close to where we were sitting. It was fun watching “Lamb TV” all week. My sheep did fine in the show (we had Romeldale classes finally), and I got plenty of spinning done. The cheese I wanted to enter didn’t happen, but there is always next year.

Unfortunately, my fair experience this week was marred on Saturday night by some heartless person. I had brought in a few of my hand-knit shawls to display in the barn. While I was talking to folks, someone helped themselves to my big red Neibling. I could not have missed the theft by more than 5 minutes. I am hoping that it was grabbed by a little kid and I will get it back as soon as the parents realize, but I know that this is not terribly likely. I filed a police report immediately and told them the value ($1,000. One cop said “That’s a lot of yarn”, to which I replied “No, that’s a lot of time and talent”). I have posted the picture on Facebook, Craigslist and Ravelry (I figure the more eyes looking the better). I am heart-sick, more over the fact that someone would take it than over the loss of the shawl. I can knit another one, and from my notes on Ravelry I even know about how long it will take.  Of the 3 shawls, it was the one I could most afford (emotionally) to lose. But it also is the shawl that I wear most often and that I have gotten the most compliments on. I will not let this experience ruin my trust in the basic good nature of most people, but I am not likely to bring my hand-knits back for display in public again, and that is sad because I love sharing what I do. So please, keep your eyes open, on the off-chance that it shows up in your neck of the woods and can be brought home where it belongs.Neibling

3 Responses to “Over Fair”

  1. thecrazysheeplady Says:

    I think your post title should be NOT FAIR! I am just sick about this.

  2. Leigh Says:

    I am so sorry about the theft of you shawl. At the fair my weaving guild used to display at, there was someone on watch during all opening hours. Of course that someone was us, but it was the only way folks were willing to enter their handcrafted items.

    Your mention of the cops response to its value points out a misconception. I used to sell some of my handwoven items and I could see the wheels turning when folks would eye a particular item and ask how long it took me to weave it. They were thinking I was charging an exorbitant amount for something I only put a few hours labor into. They didn’t think about the cost of the materials, the planning, dressing the loom, and finishing the item in addition to the actual weaving. Something that took 2 hours to weave could have taken 2 weeks to plan out and make.

    I suppose there’s slim chance, but I hope it’s recovered.

  3. Sharon Says:

    I can’t get my head around the mentality that could steal a handcrafted beauty like yours. Yet, Cindie at Ewenuqely You had several scarves stolen from her booth this summer. Pride is what a handmade item gives the wearer and theft neutralizes that completely.

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