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Woven Words

March 10, 2013

Years ago, I had the idea to use a bar code generator to create stripes in woven goods. I finally did it, and I’m pretty thrilled with the results!

There are a lot of free bar code generators available online, so I found one I liked and typed in what I wanted to say. I then traced the code straight off the computer screen and figured out how wide each stripe was. This is a judgement call, so I can’t be positive that they say exactly what I intended when woven up (the bar code reader on my phone has a hard time reading the stripes when they are woven. I’ll try to get it to read the warp only next time I set a bunch up). But I know what was intended, so I will market them as that word or phrase.

Remember all the yarns I got from Laura?red wine and purple cotton blue greens yellows and brown cottonsThey are becoming dish towels. I also had some cotton ric rac cones that are compatible with some of the colors, so I used it for weft on some of the towels.

I set up the first 3 warps (“Believe”, “Laugh” and “Love”), and then discovered that the little Dundas loom that I bought several months ago needs a LOT of work before I can weave on it. Luckily, when I was venting to Laura, she offered me the use of her little Dorset loom, and even delivered it on one of her trips in my direction. So I was up and running.

It has been a long time since I warped a loom, and it has been a bit of a challenge. Each warp I set up was supposed to give me 6 dish towels and room to play a little. The first one gave me 5 and a short towel that I played with different treadlings on (so it will be mine). Finally, after building a raddle and figuring out what I’ve been doing wrong, I did get 6 towels out of the third warp.

believe This is “Believe”, the first set that I did. I took these in with me to my mom’s church knitting group, and the whole set even got blessed by her priest.

Then came “Laugh”. laugh in white,

and “Love” Love

Every towel in each set has a different color of weft, so even though they are all related, they look completely different. Here’s the whole group, ready to be hemmed.

towels washed and dried

They’ve all been through the washer and dryer, and I’m doing the hemming by hand. The plan is to have them all finished by the last Saturday of March, when I will have a booth at the High Desert Wool Growers Fiber Market Day. I still need to design and make labels to sew in while I’m hemming, and some hang tags to attach so folks that are gifted one will know the story, so the work isn’t done yet. But I can’t wait to get back to the loom and make up some more towels, and some scarfs, and I’m even thinking of weaving some fabric to make myself a vest to wear to the fiber festivals I vend at. So many ideas, so little time!