Gearing Up

Despite a visit to the dark pit of depression, I have been managing to get a few things done. The Eartha & Etta sweater is done, and I actually wore it to a party. It is wonderfully light and warm (weighed in at 10.1 ounces). Sorry for the lousy picture, but my mom took it with my phone. That’s her bull terrier Ruth with me. She loved the sweater too! I went with a v-neck for versatility, and I am already planning to do a cardigan with the same yarn. It is super soft after blocking. I’ve also knit up a couple of pairs of socks, with more planned. Yay for holiday knitting! 

The party was to celebrate my friend Kellie’s birthday. She decided that she didn’t want to decorate her own birthday cake, so requested that we all bring our favorite pie. I couldn’t make up my mind, but a bag of limes caught my attention at Costco, so I decided on lime meringue, and just to be a bit different, I decided to do mini pies. I made up some pie dough and cut rounds using a large glass. I baked them up in a muffin tin. While they cooled, I made up the lime curd and whipped the meringue. Then I placed the mini pie crusts on a cookie sheet and filled them before popping them back in the oven to brown.  They were so yummy! I had enough stuff left over to make a 2nd dozen the next day, and there is still curd left (enough to make either a real pie or another dozen minis). I am seriously considering making a bunch more curd to can. That will make it even easier to make a pie when I want, or it will be great on toast. I’m thinking ahead to Christmas presents with this too.

Tomorrow, NaNoWriMo starts again. I have my opening sentence, taken from Book 1 of the Dark Tower series by Stephen King – “The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed”. I’ve always thought it is a great sentence, and I want to see where it takes me. His book follows the gunslinger, but I’m leaning towards following the man in black. We’ll see. I’ll keep you posted on my progress. Finishing last year was such a rush; I’d like to repeat.



One Response to “Gearing Up”

  1. Leigh Says:

    Wow, that was quick knitting. And the fit is perfect! Well done. Love the idea of the mini pies too. That would be a great idea for a variety of pie fillings.

    Good luck with NaNoWriMo. I’ve contemplated trying my had at a novel, but for now, am finishing up the last chapter of my very first (and probably only, LOL) homesteading book! Very exciting. Getting it published will be my rush.

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