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Tour de Fleece Recap and Getting Ready For Fairs

July 28, 2012

For the last few years, I’ve taken part in Ravelry’s Tour de Fleece. For anyone not familiar with it, it’s a spinning “competition” that takes place while the Tour de France is going on. I use “competition” lightly; you set your own goals and no one loses. I always set unattainable goals, but what the heck, for me that’s part of the fun.

I belong to several teams, including My Favorite Sheep and Hopelessly Overcommitted. This year, I’d chosen 5 fibers to spin, and I got at least part of all 5 spun up. I am proudest of the natural merino/silk, which I did on the elec-spinner. I only did a small portion of what I have on hand, aiming for wedding shawl yarn. It clocked in at 9,500 yards/pound, the finest I have spun to date. I couldn’t believe the numbers when I ran them, so I had Kid the Elder check my math. Here is my final recap picture, showing all the fibers and the final yarns:

A total of 19 ounces spun and an estimated 2,500 yards. The purple (upper left corner) is waiting for me to finish the second (finer) ply, which I am doing on the Golding spindle and will put beads onto, and the tie-dyed (bottom row, center) is waiting for a ply of white so that I’ll end up with enough for a shawl.

Also during the first week of the Tour, I shaved both goats to get them ready for fair. I’m not sure why they needed to be shaved, but I was told they did. What a nasty job! I ended up covered from head to toe in tiny little itchy hairs, with a couple of nasty bruises for my efforts. But the girls got done

.  Clara above and Clover below. Not perfect, but hopefully good enough.

I also went over the mountains to help Kid the Younger et al move into their new place. He had surgery a few weeks ago and was not supposed to lift anything over 10 pounds, so he spent most of the weekend painting the insides of the kitchen cabinets (which were blood red), and I spent way too much time lifting things I shouldn’t have. Oh well, we both survived and they are settled in the new place.

After the Tour was done, I settled into finishing up my fair entries, which were all dropped off this afternoon on my way out-of-town. I couldn’t find some of the yarns I’d hoped to enter earlier in the year, so only 4 yarns made the trip, along with a pair of socks, baby booties and the Neibling shawl. The goats and 4 lambs will go in on Tuesday, and fair starts on Wednesday. I’ll be trying to keep up with the Ravellenic Games and the Olympics too, though I don’t know how successful I’ll be.

As a parting shot, this is the tiny thread, along with it’s knitted sample. I think it will make spectacular wedding shawls.