Getting My Goat

It’s been a busy couple of weeks. Not a lot of pictures to share, because they are all on the digital camera and I can’t find the cord to transfer them to the computer.

Started with the trip to Montana. Kid the Younger was supposed to come over after work but got sick the day before we were set to go. Too late to cancel the hotel reservation, so I decided to go ahead by myself. Wouldn’t have even hesitated in the past, but I’ve become a bit housebound lately. I left about midnite (napped early in the day in anticipation of the Kid coming over). With a couple of stops for gas and to shut my eyes for a little while (I have no problem pulling over if I’m tired), 18 hours later I was settled in the hotel room. Met with a very nice “Welcome” basket of assorted goodies which included the itinerary for the weekend. Just in time to meet up with everyone for appetizers and a drink. Then I went and soaked in the hot springs that the hotel is known for. For the first time since my shoulder surgery last summer, I even attempted a little swimming. No, I didn’t attempt, I did it! The muscles were weak, but I managed 2 laps of the pool, and it felt SO GOOD!

The wedding was moved into a tent the next afternoon due to uncooperative rain, but it was a beautiful ceremony. All 4 parents spoke during the ceremony, and the officiate was a friend of the couple, so it was all very lovely. Unfortunately, someone had placed the lace shawl I gave the bride in the reception hall, so she didn’t have it to wear during the ceremony, but the official photographer got some pictures of her and me with it, so I’m hoping to get one of those soon. It matched the color of her dress perfectly, and I got tons of nice compliments from several people. I danced way too much as far as my back was concerned, but the kids kept insisting. I do have to say that this group of young people are the most beautiful people I know, both physically and mentally. Daughter is still very much a part of their lives, and I feel very blessed that they continue to include me in her stead. I was introduced at one point as the “Spare Mom”, and they have all said that when babies start coming I get to be “Spare Grandma” too. I get to be the fun one that lets the kids play in the dirt.

The next day I left for home via Yellowstone. The weather was still cold and rainy, but it was great. I’d never been before, and I’m already planning a trip back! The nice thing about being alone was that I could take my time and go where I wanted (not that Kid the Younger would have objected to anything I wanted). I saw lots of buffalo moms and babies (yeah, yeah, I know they’re really bison). At the very end of the drive I also saw some elks with their calves, including one with triplets! Not newborns either, they were at least a month old and looking good. I was very impressed with her mothering abilities. I also took the side trip to go see Old Faithful, arriving just in time to see it go. Timing is everything!

The final push for home took longer than I had anticipated, mostly because I took so much time enjoying the park. I had told Kid the Elder that he’d have to feed if I wasn’t home by 5, so it was no big deal other than having to pay for a night in a motel again. Better than sleeping in the car!

This weekend I got to pick up my raffle goat. The breeder made me a deal on a 2nd doeling too, so now I have 2! Meet Clara (on the left) and Clover. Both are registered Alpines, and I can hardly wait until I start milking! 

The original plan was to keep them segregated from the lambs for a few days while they got used to me and their new surroundings, but they vetoed that idea by jumping over the panels locking them in the barn. Clara even got in with the rams for a while, but we’ve fixed that hole. Clover is a little more stand-offish, but they are warming up to me. Clara is actually a snuggle bug. I’ve already started rubbing her all over to get her used to the idea that I’m going to be touching her everywhere. I’m taking things a little slower with Clover until she quits thinking I might eat her at any moment. She watches carefully while I handle Clara, just out of reach most of the time. I’m allowed a couple of scratches, and I’ll take that for now. The lambs have accepted them completely, which is nice. This afternoon they all got to go out on the pasture and were very good about coming back into their pen at feeding time. The ewes were sure that my not letting them out was the result of some horrid clerical error, and complained loudly, at least until I gave them the results of spending an hour with the scythe yesterday morning. There is something so satisfying about feeding home-cut hay. I don’t have enough to do it full-time, but a couple of hours work will help cut the hay bill this summer, and it’s easier than putting up fences. I am not an expert with my scythe, but it gets the job done. My back is good for about an hour of cutting. Not as fast as the mower, but I won’t feed mower clippings to the beasties. A little exercise for me, a little fresh hay for them. Sounds like a winner to me!

One Response to “Getting My Goat”

  1. Leigh Says:

    So glad you had a good and a safe trip. It’s nice to get away by oneself sometimes.

    So glad you got 2 Alpines instead of one! They are so much happier with their own kind. Too funny about jumping the panels. But then, that’s a goat for you. 🙂

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