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The Muse Spoke and I Jumped

June 5, 2012

I believe that we all have the ability to be creative in one way or another. However, as children there are constraints put on our creativity. “Color inside the lines”, we’re told. Especially as women, we are taught to take care of everyone else, and maybe if there’s any time or energy left we are allowed a few moments to take care of ourselves.

Listening to the Muse is important. It feeds our soul, recharges our batteries, nurtures us. Too many adults wait to have time or ignore this important aspect all together. It doesn’t matter what your creative outlet is. Singing, dancing, painting, writing, whatever. Figure out what is right for you and do it. Don’t wait for time, make time. If the kids are little, enlist them. Teach them to enjoy the things that make them happy. Buy good supplies; you are worth it! I’m not sure where or when I learned this lesson. It certainly wasn’t at home growing up. But by the time I had kids I knew that I had to create. How the Muse spoke to me has changed a bit over the years. I’ve sewn, quilted, painted, written a bit. Now I mostly spin, dye and knit. Ideas flit through my mind, and I try to jot them down if I can’t jump right in. More ideas than I can possibly accomplish in my lifetime, but that’s ok too.

Last Wednesday night the Muse spoke pretty forcefully. I tried to tell it there wouldn’t be time to finish a shawl before we left for Montana. After all, the re-do of the wedding shawl took 2 weeks to knit, and I had a pattern for it. The Muse insisted, so I pulled out a needle and cast on. This afternoon I finished the last point of the edging, and this is now blocking on my bed:  It’s not huge – about 66 inches across the top and 34 inches deep. Even looking at the picture makes me smile, and I’m glad the Muse was so insistent. I will happily wear it at the wedding. I’ve got 24 grams of yarn left, which I’m hoping will be enough to make a pair of short fingerless mitts for someone.

I forgot to share this picture of the third bargain amaryllis blooming last time I posted. Enjoy, and listen to your Muse!