Keeping out of Trouble

Last week was uber-busy. By Sunday I was beyond exhausted, and I am just now recuperating.

So what had me so busy, you might ask. Well, my friend Kellie is a baker. Actually, her husband does the baking, and Kellie does the decorating. I have offered to help for years, and she has continually turned me down. Finally, last weekend she asked me to come over and get things prepped so her husband could catch up on baking after he got home from work. When I showed up, she asked me to bake a few things. My baking based muster that evening with her husband, so I ended up spending part of 4 days baking, splitting cakes, filling the layers, and simple frosting. Kellie and another friend also just moved into a new shop, and Mother’s Day weekend was the Grand Opening. I made the banner for that too. Rip stop nylon and great iron-on interfacing, so I’ll be working on a new farm sign before fairs. Saturday morning I also helped set up one of the 3 wedding cakes due that day. Working in the bakery is hard on my back because of the cement floor, but it means a little money coming in so that’s good.

 This is before the flowers were added. Pretty, isn’t it? And the nicest thing is that it tastes as good as it looks. She does amazing work.

Another of my discount amaryllis bloomed for Mother’s Day. Love the colors on this one! A third is getting ready to bloom also, but it’s probably a couple of weeks out. Definitely getting my money worth on these.  I may have to look at getting some more after next Christmas. They do brighten the room. 

The County had gotten a complaint from one of my neighbors about the dead cars in the yard. Now, they have been there for years (one of them was the first car Daughter had bought for herself in high school, which died within a few months. So it has been there at least 9 years). I have dragged my heels about dealing with them (mostly since the last time I had scrapped one, it cost me money). A couple of weeks ago, a guy showed up looking for scrap. Today the last 2 dead cars went away. My yard is emptier, my wallet is a bit heavier. Good on all fronts.

I’ve got two weddings coming up, friends of the Daughter. I was worried about one of them, since I thought I would have to drive by the accident site in Eastern Washington, but it turns out that it’s a little farther up the road. Kid the Younger is probably going to come with me, and we may decide to go visit it, but at least we have the option. That makes the idea of going much easier. The other one is in Montana, and we’ll hit the corner of Yellowstone on the way home. Lots of driving on the agenda early this summer. Hope gas prices don’t go up too high.

My biggest news of the week was an e-mail I got from one of the organizers of Black Sheep Gathering, asking if I would be one of the judges for the Spinner’s Lead. I am extremely excited about the prospect. I’ve entered it a couple of time, and the wedding shawl I made last spring won last year. The prizes have gotten much better recently, so if you’re in the area think about entering. You get more points for leading in an animal, but a lot of the exhibitors are willing to lend one out for the parade.

Finally, today the big sheep all got treated with pour-on meds for external parasites, and the lambies all got wormed and got shots. No one is happy with me, but I managed to get everyone treated and can mark that off my to-do list. Next up is a call to my shearer to get a few of the ewes shorn. I’d like to be able to show a couple of fleeces at fairs, and having her do it is the only way that can happen. My shearing is good enough to get a fleece off the animal, but it isn’t show worthy when I’m done. I had fun looking at all the fibery goodness that the coats have been hiding, and I’m really looking forward to getting them up on the skirting table. I’ll be weaning the lambs before Memorial Day weekend, so it’s going to get noisy around here.


One Response to “Keeping out of Trouble”

  1. Leigh Says:

    Gosh, sounds like you’ve been busy. I’ve always admired bakers who make those fancy cakes. 🙂

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