Merlin’s Big Adventure

My friend Kellie is moving into a new house. Before all the furniture and stuff gets moved in there is a lot of work to do – painting, lining shelves, cleaning carpets, etc. She asked me to come help and of course I said yes. Since I’ve helped Kellie do stuff before, I knew that it would not be a short day, so Merlin needed to come with. The new house has a fully fenced back yard, so he’d be safe while we were in the house working, and the grass has started to green up. I figured he could snack and nap.

We got there before Kellie, so I took him in the back yard for his breakfast bottle and to get settled in. He wasn’t too sure about this whole idea and stuck pretty close at first, actually leaning against me and wanting lots of physical reassurance.


Once Kellie showed up and joined us on the back porch he relaxed a little bit.  

While we sat and talked a, something flew over our heads. We turned and saw this:  Yes, that is a parakeet. I walked up to it on the porch and it flew over to the side of the yard. I followed, and almost had it caught when Merlin decided to come help. The parakeet flew off, but Kellie will keep an eye out for him. It is obviously a pet that got loose, and we both are concerned about his ability to survive long-term.

Finally, we went in to get to work. Merlin was not happy about this turn of events and tried to follow us inside       

When Kellie went to run a couple of quick errands I went out and spent a  couple of minutes with my boy. He was very happy to see me, and explored a little on his own, unless I walked across the yard. Then he would be right on my heels.

When I went back in to work he was right back on the porch, but laid down.    

Then, he heard the people in the house out back in their yard and went to investigate    They came over to meet him. It’s a single mom (who had been hearing him cry all day) and her 7-year-old daughter, who had just gotten home from school. Merlin was having his dinner bottle when they showed up. I didn’t think to bring the camera back out with me, so no pictures of their meeting. It was quite a day for my boy, but he came through it with flying colors.

Mark came into the barn this morning, so I got a couple of new pictures of him. In the background of the first one you can see Merlin over his shoulder, and Manny and his big butt. Manny has been coming into the barn when I feed Merlin and accepting scritches the last couple of days. I’m glad they feel comfortable coming into the creep when I’m in it.  


2 Responses to “Merlin’s Big Adventure”

  1. Leigh Says:

    Aw, poor Merlin couldn’t come inside!? I’m sure he would have helped. 🙂 I’m always amazed when peoples parakeets get loose. I always feel badly for them cuz I doubt most of them make it.

  2. greyhousejournal Says:

    What a sweet post! Merlin (and the other lambs) are all so cute! Glad he got used to his adventure!

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