And Then There Were Five

Five lambs, that is. Four of the ewes have lambed in quick succession, none of them ones that I expected to. I have been there for 2 of the births, and helped pull the last lamb (mom was very tired, and it was a big lamb). So far the results are:

 Manny, born March 14 at about 11 pm to Ida Lynn. Black ram lamb.

Mary, born March 16 at 1 am to Midge. Black ewe lamb.

 Mark, born March 16 at about 1 pm to Kay. Black ram lamb. This is Kay’s first time lambing, and while she is attentive, she is not convinced that nursing is an activity that she enjoys. Mark, luckily, is persistent, to the point of diving in if she won’t stand for him. They are spending extra time in the barn until I’m sure she won’t desert him when I let them loose in the pen.

And then there are the twins, Malcolm and Merlin. I normally go out and check the ewes at about 11 pm, but something made me go out at 9:30 last night. Good thing. Malcolm was already standing, but his mom, Amber, had gotten herself stuck in a divot and couldn’t get up. When I first got there she was flat on her side and not moving at all, but when I rolled her up on her belly she stood up and started talking to the lamb. I picked him up and headed to the barn, and she followed right along. She started cleaning him off, and I made sure that he nursed before I went back up to the house. At 10 pm, she appeared to be passing afterbirth. I checked on them at about 11 and he was sleeping, so I decided to let them be for a while. At 1 am when I checked again, Amber is once more flat on her side, not moving, but with another lamb presenting toes and nose. I pulled this lamb and got her back up on her belly when he was half out. Enough drama for me! This is Amber’s first time having twins, and with the age difference she is very confused. Malcolm was searching for the udder and interfering with her cleaning off the second lamb, so I picked him up and cuddled him for a while to give little brother a chance. I will probably keep them in the barn a little longer to make sure she accepts them equally, and I’m spending extra time in the pen making sure they both are nursing. She’s ok when it’s just one of them, but when they both try nursing at the same time she gets fidgety. Finally, not black lambs. They are both dark brown (if they were horses I would call them bay, since they have black legs and faces, but their bodies are definitely brown).

 Malcolm and Merlin 

Yep, that’s 4 boys and 1 girl! Need at least 1 more girl for showing, but there’s plenty of ewes left to lamb so fingers crossed. And thankfully, they all have different facial markings so I can tell them apart quickly.


One Response to “And Then There Were Five”

  1. justthreadtwiddling Says:

    They are all so sweet! I wish I had the stamina to have livestock.

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