Well, it wasn’t the ewe that I expected to lamb first, but I finally have a lamb on the ground. When I went out to check last night at about 11:30pm, Ida Lynn was hiding in the little shed, with a lamb on the ground, already clean, up and obviously fed. Hard to get pictures of a black lamb in the dark, but here he is this morning. Meet Manny:

I name alphabetically, so all of this year’s lambs will have names that start with “M”. For the last few years I have let my niece name the first lamb of the year. When I talked to her on her birthday a couple of weeks ago, I reminded her that I would be needing a name for the first lamb. Her immediate response was “Mary”, but I asked for a boy name too. Luckily, she came up with Manny, so there you go. This is Ida Lynn’s first ram lamb, and her first colored lamb (both times before she has had white girls). She is a very attentive momma, and will be very happy when the weather settles a bit so I will let them out of the barn (it is pretty stormy right now, so he’s staying in the barn). The other ewes have all come in to check him out, so hopefully they will get down to business soon so Manny will have someone to play with. Can’t wait for lamb races!


One Response to “Finally!”

  1. justthreadtwiddling Says:

    He is so cute! I love his white top knot.

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