Drawing Attention

Over at the Punkin’s Patch, thecrazysheeplady is hosting a Draw A Sheep Challenge. Not having nearly enough things on my to-do list, of course I jumped in with both feet. She got Lori Skoog (a retired art teacher) to post our first “lesson”, and we were encouraged to start with a blind contour drawing (no peeking at what you’re doing, no lifting the pencil off the paper). I sat down with a fresh pencil and paper this morning before coffee, and I came up with this: (warning – this ain’t pretty!)

 Scary, isn’t it!

So, I moved on to the modified contour. This time we can look, but still can’t lift the pencil off the paper. Still pretty scary looking, but a little more recognizable:

Screw it all, I want to make something I’m not afraid of in the dark! So I did this, which isn’t totally embarrassing:

The inspiration for this little attempt? One of last year’s lambs, a few hours after birth (since no one has gotten down to business yet this year). This was Ida Lynn’s little girl Lydia. I name alphabetically, so this year’s lambs will all have names starting with the letter M, and the honor of naming the first lamb of the year goes to my niece, who just celebrated her 7th birthday. When it shows up, the first lamb this year will either be Mary or Manny

Not much else to share today. The weather is being very fickle. It’s 60 one day, snowing the next. Sometimes both in the same day. It’s the time of year when I want to start gardening, but I know better. We’re months from semi-reliable weather. If the wind would pause for more than 10 minutes I might get something done outside, but maybe not. I’m hurting, and it’s hard to stay motivated when everything hurts. But I’m starting to put fibers aside for the Tour de Fleece, and I finished another pair of socks, so that’s something. Lamb news soon I hope!



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