Warm Weather Wishes

Last Friday was a gorgeous day. 60+ degrees, sunny (but a bit breezy). I got some long put off chores done. Not as much as I would have liked, but as much as the back would allow. Even made a dump run. I don’t see the point in paying for weekly trash pickup, which runs about $30/month, when I can go to the dump myself. After much experimentation I have found that the mini van will hold about 300 pounds of bagged trash, which only costs me $11. Only have to do it once or twice a year normally, so it’s a no brainer as far as I’m concerned. I think it used to be a lot more fun when we were actually tossing things over the lip of the pit. Something really satisfying about sending that bag flying. A couple of years ago, our landfill built a huge building that you now drive into and put things on the concrete floor (throwing is discouraged). Not nearly as much fun, but more stuff gets recycled, since there are folks there going through things as soon as you pull away. Kid the Younger cleaned his bedroom majorly when he was home for christmas, so there was quite a bit more than usual, plus in thinking back I don’t think I made a dump run at all last year. Only got about half of the pile dealt with, but I figured I could finish up on Saturday.

I should have known better. Saturday, I woke to this: 4 inches of snow on the ground, more falling, wind blowing hard enough that the snow was moving sideways through the air. Didn’t look like it was going to end anytime soon.

I went to fix a pot of coffee, and returned to my chair by the window 5 minutes later. Clouds broken up, sunny, no wind.

Our weather is nothing but fickle, but if given a choice I’d rather have the sunny warm days back. At least until the ewes have lambed and the babies are ready to deal with a bit of cold. This batch of snow mostly melted on Sunday, then we got about 5 inches more on Monday, and we’re supposed to get up to 6 more inches of snow tonite.

I really shouldn’t complain. I know we need the moisture, and the weather has been pretty darn nice most of this winter. The constant wind is what gets to me most. There isn’t much to stop or divert the wind where I am, and when the local weatherman says that we’re getting gusts up to 25 mph, I’m getting 40+. And I live in an old mobile home with minimal insulation. The windows are all single pane, and it’s interesting to watch the glass flex in the wind.  Our first storm in this house my sweetie kept waking me up all night long, asking if the sounds were normal (he’d never lived in a mobile before). It was kind of funny, but I don’t think he ever really got used to it.

The ewes are getting bigger by the minute. A couple of them tend to get friendlier as they get closer to lambing, so I’d say I’ve got a week to 10 days to go. Eartha is one of those. As a lamb, she loved having me scratch her chest, to the point that she would melt in a heap in my lap if I scratched long enough. As an adult, she wants very little to do with me (unless I have a treat, of course). Except when she is nearly done cooking her lambs. then, she’s willing to stand for scratches all day long, if I were so inclined. Friday evening when I as feeding I was feeling udders (a good way to assess how soon lambs may be arriving). Most of the ewes move away when I reach between their back legs. Eartha just stood there, arching her back a little bit (like she would for a lamb). Funny girl! She’s not terrible happy in this picture, hence the down ears(she was really hoping for some grain, but I was very mean. She’s sulking a bit at this point). The second picture gives a hint at her big belly (that’s her in the front, and Marge in the back. . The ewe in the middle is Ashe, one of the ones I’m still not sure about. If she’s pregnant she isn’t due for a while. Inesh was in with the ewes for a couple of months, so he could have caught her and Bridget at a much later date. Or they may have missed this year. 

These are the 3 youngest ewes that will be lambing this year. The CVM ewe is Kay, and this will be her first time lambing. Irene (on the far right) has lambed once before but lost the lambs, and Ida Lynn (the only sheep who has ever insisted on a middle name) has lambed a couple of times and is an excellent mommy. Ida Lynn and Kay are half sisters (same mom), and Ida Lynn and Irene are half sisters (same dad). Before I got the program that I use to keep track of the sheep pedigrees I used my family tree program, and it used to confuse the heck out of it. All the relationships were way closer than it was comfortable with, plus it was always questioning me on the ages of the parents (are you SURE she had a baby when she was only 2?? Used to make me laugh every time). I’m hoping for some color out of all these girls. Kay’s dad was a spotted reverse badger, and Ida Lynn and Irene both come from colored backgrounds. No way to predict, so I’ll just have to be patient. Hate being patient! There aren’t any bad colors, but I’m a sucker for spots. One of Irene’s lambs was spotted, so the potential is there. The imagining is fun, but nothing ‘s better than snuggling actual lambs. Can’t wait!!

Meanwhile, I try to keep myself busy with other projects. I’ve been working to get ready for Fiber Market Day, and ideas are flowing freely. Now if I can make them all happen before the end of March…


One Response to “Warm Weather Wishes”

  1. Leigh Says:

    I love reading about your sheep. Funny how those hormones can affect their personalities. My does (not confirmed pregnant but I’m pretty sure) have been frolicking and running around like a couple of kids.

    I agree with you about wind. I appreciate a nice cool breeze on a hot day, but otherwise I like to stay out of it. This is a bad time of year for it though. It’s the only time of year we could get something out of a windmill!

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