Finding Five

Yeah, yeah, I know. Calm down. The idea of posting this often probably isn’t going to stick with me. But I’m feeling a little better, so just enjoy it!

The Crazy Sheep Lady posted the other day about finding 5 minutes a day to accomplish something bigger over time. I “committed” to finding 5 more minutes for 3 things – spinning, cleaning the dining room so that I can actually move the big loom out here, and processing more on the carder. So far, I’m managing 2 out of the 3. The carder is still sitting idle, mostly because I need to make sure I’m able to concentrate when I’m using it (don’t want to risk losing anything). The spinning has been easier. I pull a strip off the batt I’m spinning off of and keep spinning until it’s done, which usually amounts to about 15-20 minutes. It’s a Romeldale (Midge), alpaca, silk blend that I did on the carder a couple of months ago. I’m spinning it lace weight, so it will take a while to fill up the bobbin, but I do like how it’s turning out. I want to make up a bunch of batts before Fiber Market Day, but I wanted to see how this worked up before I spent a bunch of time blending. I’m leaning towards adding more silk to the blend. Sorry about the out-of-focus pic, but it’s a tiny grey yarn.

For the dining room time, I actually set the timer. The first couple of days I quit after it went off (it’s not a race, and I don’t want to burn out before I get done). Today I reset it twice, and kept going after it went off the last time. Dealt with a few things I’ve been avoiding, like the bag my sweetie took to the hospital the last time he went. I was rewarded for my efforts with a ton of change (mostly quarters, yippie) and a crisp new 20-dollar bill. Plus, I re-found a warp I had purchased at a thrift store or garage sale for $1, 4 yards of irish linen. It’s not big, but will be fun to play with and can’t argue with that price tag!  Now, no one but me would see that I’ve made any progress at all on the room, but I can and that’s what counts. The finish line is still a long way off, but I’m making progress. No pictures until I’m done because it is such a disaster, sorry.

I’m off to enjoy the sunshine now. Enjoy your day!


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