One Step Forward…

No, I haven’t totally disappeared off the face of the planet. Felt like it for a while there. It’s been a rough few weeks. Work called and “terminated my employment”. Why they think that term is somehow better than saying “You’re fired”, I’m not really sure. The reason – I’m not capable of coming back to work yet. I know for a fact that they have let others be on LOA for over 18 months, and I haven’t quite hit the 1 year mark, but whatever. I am not heart-broken about this, other than the obvious worries about money, but I’ll deal. The biggest headache is that the medical insurance I had through them says that they will pay for surgery for Kid the Younger, so I’m going to have to pay the COBRA charges to keep it for at least 3 months. It’ll be cheaper than any other alternative.

All that happened on a Monday. The Friday before I had gone in for a fasting blood draw requested by my regular doc, followed by a visit to the pain management specialist, who wanted me to start a new med (an anti-depressant that also gives pain relief). Since the last anti-depressant I tried made me suicidal (not a great side effect for an anti-depressant IMHO), I was reluctant. Friday night I got a call that said that the blood test should an issue with my liver function. Not massively concerned, since I’ve had that before, but I decided to hold off on the new med until I had a chance to talk to my doc. Then Monday evening, after all the hoopla with work, another call from my doc’s office saying that my vitamin D level was really low, and they wanted to start me on mega doses to bring that up. Now I really wanted to talk to my doc! Earliest I could get in was Thursday, so I held off on the new med until then. After a very nice long talk with my doc (LOVE that I never feel rushed there! We spent 20 minutes talking about work & Kid the Younger before we ever got to anything about me) it was decided that yes, I should try the new med. I will need to get 2 more blood draws, 1 in a month for the liver function and 1 in 3 months for the D (which could explain my fuzzy brain and some of the pain. Low “Normal” is 30, I’m at 10. She wants me at 50).

So after a trip to the pharmacy I took the new med at 1:30 pm. Almost immediately life sucked. I was nauseated and quickly turned into a zombie. Feeding the beasties that evening was an adventure since I could barely lift my feet to walk. I decided to hold off on the next pill until closer to bed time the next day. That gave me over 30 hours between pills. Turns out that was almost enough time to get back to near normal. Mind you, I’m on 1 pill a day when 4 pills is full dose. I took the med through the weekend, until I could call into the pain management specialist and let them know how bad it was for me. Nausea, stabbing headache and total zombie. Couldn’t drive anywhere. I didn’t even tell them about the tics I was starting to develop. Thank goodness, the nurse agreed that I could drop the drug (would have any way!), but I’m still waiting to hear back from them as to what we do now.

Three good things happened through all this. I finished another pair of socks:

   I was on the final few rows of these when I got the call from now ex-work. The cable pattern is from a sweater in an old issue of Interweave Knits. I reversed the cables on one sock, so they spiral opposite each other.

A few days before the journey through zombie land started a friend had posted a picture of an interesting scarf on Facebook. I had played around with how to do it, done the math and cast on before I took that 1st pill. Thank goodness it was pretty mindless knitting, cuz now I have my Zombie scarf:

 This is it just before I finished it. Still have to weave in lots of ends, but it was a fun knit.

The third (and I think the best) is that at least 8 of the 11 ewes appear pregnant! The other 3 may be, but I’m ok either way. It’ll be about a month until lambies, but I can’t wait. They will probably be too little for showing, being so late, but I may take them to fair anyway, to pad the numbers. Hopefully we’ll have enough breeders and animals to get classes of our own this year. I even dreamed about spotted lambs last night; we’ll see if I get any.

Today is Kid the Elder’s birthday. His 30th birthday, to be exact. Most days I don’t feel anywhere near old enough to have a kid that old! At least not until I walk! Then I feel old enough to have grand-children that old or older. Oh well, at least I can walk.


One Response to “One Step Forward…”

  1. Leigh Says:

    Zombie scarf, LOL, it’s really a clever design! The socks are lookers too. I really feel for you when it comes to the medication. Like you, I’ve always reacted to the extreme even with small doses, so you definitely have my sympathies. Not good on top of getting fired. That’s a real heartbreak. Hopefully correcting your vitamin D level will have a good effect.

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