NaNo continues. I’m up to about 17,000 words, which sounds like a lot already, but I’m actually behind schedule by over 1,000 words. At least my story hasn’t bailed on me completely, which has happened every year so far. I’m using the writing to try to deal with some personal issues, including Jo. Kind of amazing that even just writing about the death of my main character’s daughter makes me cry. Too close to home I guess. Still, it feels good at the same time, so I keep writing. I’ve actually jumped around a bit, and have already written the last paragraph! I know where I want the story to start, and I know how I want it to end. It’s just a matter of letting the characters figure out how to get from point A to point Z. Here’s hoping they cooperate with me!

I’ve been doing some knitting too. Had to rip out the progress I’d made on the purple socks. The pattern just wasn’t working at all, so I’m going to have to re-figure that. I love the lace, but not everything works when you try to do it in the round. Just wanted to get them knocked out, so went back to an arrow pattern that I’ve used before. Brain power is mostly being co-opeted by NaNo and meds, so I’ll do the math later. I do think it’ll make pretty socks if I can get it right.

I also started the last pair that I am doing for my friend. This pair is for the baby, who will be about 14 months old at Christmas. I’m using some leftover sock yarn from KnitPicks that has alpaca in it. It’s just a simple 3×3 ribbing tube sock.

I also took a break from writing to start thinking about the sweater that I’m knitting for Laura‘s sister. She had sent me an excel document that she had put the colors actually being used into, but it was just a single repeat of the pattern. Since I can be a bit compulsive about things like patterns looking good I re-charted the whole thing. I found a couple of mistakes in what Laura had sent, so I kind of went ape on it. Now I have the whole fair isle part of the sweater charted, colors all in the right places, center front balanced. Luckily her sister does not want the fitting that the pattern contained, which works much better to maintain the integrity of the pattern. It starts with corrugated ribbing, which I have always liked.

I actually ended up ripping this out, since I apparently relaxed more than I had thought while knitting this after my meds. My gauge is WAY off, so out it came and I’ve started over. Oh well, I’m a process knitter, so starting over isn’t the end of the world to me. I want the finished project to be right whatever I’m knitting, and I’m almost always ok with ripping or frogging to get it right. Project knitters feel differently, and can take it very personal when they get done with something and it didn’t work out. My philosophy is that as long as I enjoy the yarn I’m working with I’m ok with getting to work with it again (and again, and again sometimes). At least all the math is done, so I just have to pay attention to my tension and it will all be ok. I think it will be a very pretty sweater when it’s finished.



One Response to “Progress”

  1. Leigh Says:

    The sweater will be absolutely gorgeous! That’s my kind of pattern. I love the socks too. KnitPicks has the greatest yarns.

    Interesting about your story development. I’m glad it’s going so well though. May you finish triumphant!

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