What Would You Do For Your Friends (Plus NaNo)

I think about friendship quite a bit. I have a very limited view about what actually constitutes a real friend: could I call this person at 3:00 am and ask a favor? Not many people reach that benchmark, and I’m ok with that. I have lots of acquaintances, but only a few people in my life that I know I can truly call on in an emergency. I can count them on one hand, and I am very grateful for each and every one of them. They are my chosen sisters, and they are very special people.

Yesterday I had a quick visit with my PA. Work needed more paperwork filled out to continue my Leave of Absence and I don’t think it is fair to her to just drop off the papers and expect her to fill them out for free, so I schedule a visit so that she can bill the insurance for her time. Plus it gives me a chance to make sure that my records are up to date with all the specialist info, and this time I also got my flu shot. We actually had a very nice visit. I love that she never makes me feel rushed, I feel comfortable discussing everything with her (not always true at the doctor’s office, we all know). We spent a bit of time discussing the sheep, she got to see the socks I’m working on (she’s a fairly newbie knitter), and I got a hug as I left. A good visit.

After that I went and got gas for the van and texted one of my real friends. I had planned to go to her house later in the day to go with her to her doctor visit. The reply I got concerned me (she was really freaking out over the lab results her doctor was going to give her), so I rearranged my day, quickly went home and fed the sheep, then headed up to her house way earlier than I had originally planned. We just sat and talked, and I did my best to reassure her. She has avoided going to the doctor for decades and was truly terrified about what the blood test results would be. Several friends have been diagnosed with cancer, and every hypochondriac fiber in her body was screaming that she was next. I believe that knowledge is power, and tried to be as encouraging as possible. After several hours (boy, does time drag when someone is anxious!). The doctor visit was great – all of her test results were well within normal ranges, and her doctor is a very compassionate man, joking with her and arranging for her to see the practices’ shrink in two weeks so that she can learn some techniques for handling her stress. He also talked at length about what a toxic environment our work situation is (most doctors in the area agree), and encouraged her to look for work elsewhere. When he first started talking about work, she actually started getting tight chested and panicking, even though she isn’t scheduled to go back for a few more weeks. And she was a good girl and scheduled a mammogram and a pap in 2 weeks, and I’ve volunteered to go for those too if she needs me.

On to Nano. For those that don’t know about it, NaNo is short for National Novel Writing Month. It is an online community for writers (published or not). The goal is to write 50,000 words during November, on a novel that you have not started before November 1st. It works out to approximately 1,700 words a day on average. Not an insurmountable amount of words, but when you figure in the everyday challenges most of us face it definitely is a challenge. Since I’m not working at the moment, I feel like this might finally be the year I finish. I’ve entered the challenge every year, but have never been successful in completing it. Kid the Younger has finished twice, and would have finished one more time but forgot about saving and the computer ate a 40k+ story about November 20th the first year. We never could get the computer to cough it back up, not even Kid the Elder (who is the family computer guru). We are all in this year, so it will be fun to see who gets bragging rights this year. That’s all that’s at stake. There aren’t any prizes to be won, other than a computer button that you can link on your blog, and the satisfaction of knowing you did it. Still two of my blog friends have not only finished but are actually now published authors! Could I join their ranks? We’ll see. I am hopeful. I’m up to 3,140 words already, and the day is young.

I’m off to feed the sheep and stir the onions caramalizing on the stove! Getting a bone scan tomorrow, so I have to get up way to early (have to be at the facility at 6:45 for an isotope injection, then wait around for 2 hours before the scan). Have a great day, and enjoy your friends!



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