A Bit More Done

Not a hugely productive week, but I did get a few things done. I made stock from the remains of the smoked turkey, which turned out very well indeed. Still need to turn it into real soup, but it is processed enough to set aside for a day or two anyway.

Last night I washed up part of Midge’s fleece. Way more vm in it than I’d like, but I know that most will shake out, and I can pick the rest. Once it’s dry I will combine it with some alpaca, probably 50/50. Should turn out really luscious.

I finished the green socks for a friend’s child and started on a mostly purple pair for her other. It’s amazing what a difference the dye lot can make. One both I have one skein each of 2 dyelots, and they look completely different! Both were started toe up, and on the green pair I switched skeins after the gussets. Not sure, but both may need to make a trip to the dye pot to see if I can even things out a little.

I’ll leave you with a shot of my “Halloween” kitty Burt. He’s big, black and fluffy. We got him at the pound when he was 4-5 months old. Our pound puts colored paper collars on all the cats, with names on them. I was there with the oldest and youngest kids (middle had declined to come with). They have several smaller rooms where several cats are together. We went into the smallest and checked out the 4 kitties. This one kept coming back to us, and when we checked out his collar, it had the oldest kid’s name on it! So home he came. Name had to be changed, and since we are big Stephen King fans, he got named after one of the characters in the Dark Tower series. He is 15 pounds of love, and he is the only cat I’ve had that actually takes down starlings (at a sometimes alarming rate! One time I found 6 of the in the ewes pen, all with a bite or two out of the breast). I tried getting a shot of him with his gorgeous gold eyes open, but as soon as he saw what I as doing he came over for a snuggle.

Happy Halloween all!


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