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Fall is in the air

October 24, 2011

I had to make a quick trip over the mountains to trade cars with Kid the Youngest (who was driving down to San Francisco for an anime con with some friends). My mini van is a bit younger/dependable. I spent the night after feeding him and one of the roommates dinner, then headed home when he went off to work in the morning. On the way home, I decided to take the McKenzie pass road, which is only open part of the year. I had wondered how it compared to the main highway time wise, and found that even though I stopped twice to take pictures and spent most of the trip uphill behind a camper, it still only took about 20 minutes longer. Definitely a pleasant diversion. And I got to see some really pretty color changes:


I love the fall colors. The ferns turn all bronze, and I especially like the red trees. Of course, the most beautiful all seemed to be on blind corners, where I couldn’t possibly stop and get pictures. I love trying to capture these colors while dyeing.

Before I left on my little trip, I took the tom turkey out of the freezer. I had decided that there was no way he was going to fit in the oven, so after a quick (12 hour) brining, I quartered him, and spent most of Saturday smoking him. I used part of a dead apple tree for smoke. After he cooled a bit I sliced up the breasts and thighs and ended up with about 9 pounds. Most will go back in the freezer for special occasions, but some went to my friend Kellie’s birthday party, where it was met with rave reviews. He turned out very flavorful and juicy, and I’m looking forward to roasting one of the girls for Thanksgiving. I will definitely be raising more turkeys next year! The only disappointment was the skin. After reading several web sites on smoking turkeys I was aware that this was a distinct possibility, but I had hoped it wasn’t true. Unfortunately, it does turn the skin to shoe leather. Very sad, cuz I happen to love good crispy skin. Oh well…

In knitting news, I finished the alpaca lace Snowflake Peacock shawl. It still needs to be blocked, and I’ll post pictures once it is. I had to message the designer to get some clarifications on the pattern, but he responded pretty promptly. I was disappointed that the yarn was so fragile that it broke in several places both while being put into balls and while knitting, but we’ll see how it blocks. I think I will block gently, since I don’t want any more breaks. Thinking cap back on as to what pattern to use for the next one.