I’ve been working at the carder again. Hard to believe that this pile of loose superwash fiber:


becomes this:

 That’s a whole batt, with a twisted one laying on top of it. Amazing how much space the open batt takes. This is the same batt folded in quarters. It is in my big comfy chair, and you can see it takes up most of the seat. It would take at least 6 of the twisted batts to cover the same area. The batts are harder to store. They don’t stack well and they can get damaged fairly easily, especially at shows when people are handling them. I usually untwist one so people can see exactly what they are buying, but that one usually becomes mine at the end of the show due to the handling that it undergoes.

I’ve done a pound of this, so time to move on to the next pile. I’m taking a break for the Big Bag of Superwash and doing a half pound of Romeldale with silk and glitz. I finished the first batt last night, but I’m rethinking my ratios. I want more glitter. Pics when I get things right!

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