Let the Fun Begin

Meet Inesh before shearing:

And after:

He was not really thrilled with the whole idea of being shorn again, but he is now in with the girls, and hopefully I will have lots of spotted lambs in March or April. Later than I like, but procrastination and pain have ruled my world this year. I tried using him last year but got no lambs. He was put out with the ewes that were on a leased pasture (summer camp), and the owner had put out 2 steers who were VERY interested in my sheep. To the point of licking them if they layed down! I am hoping that they interfered. Better than having a ram who won’t/can’t do his job. Fingers crossed for lots of loving tonite!

Shearing him was a JOB. Not only was he fidgety, he’s big and very densely fleeced. On his neck and shoulders it is more boldly crimped, but his barrel is more breed typical. And gotta love his color.

That was my day. How was yours?


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