So sore

Ok, I’ll admit it again – I am a really bad cripple. Things need to get done, and I try to listen to my body, but I have a really hard time quitting before I get finished with what ever goal I had set. Today’s goal was shots for the ewes and possibly shear a couple. Should have stopped with shearing one, but no, I had my mind set on doing 2 of them. So now I can barely move. It’s not like I was moving fast, or contorting my body excessively. I took my time, mostly sitting on the ground next to the tied up ewe. I went really slow with Midge, cuz she is a total dingbat, especially about change and being touched. Really glad I had a pain pill left!

One big change coming: I’m now able to take credit cards on my cell phone!! That means that Oregon Flock and Fiber will hopefully be a little more lucrative. I will have Romeldale stuff at the ARCA booth, and I’ll be sharing a booth for non-Romeldale stuff with a couple of friends. So I’ve been working up a bit of inventory; some needle felted things , more stitch markers. I need to dig out the dye pots and do some more sock yarns, and the pashmina scarves. After OFFF I’ll work on getting the sale page linked to here. I tried Etsy, but there is so much stuff there that I kind of got lost. I’m not writing it off entirely, but I need to dedicate some time to learning how to make it productive. It’s just hard to justify paying a fee when I didn’t sell anything. It’s not a huge amount, but the idea is to make money, not have more going out


2 Responses to “So sore”

  1. Leigh Says:

    Gosh, I’m impressed that you can even shear your sheep. It looks like a lot of work, and not very easy work at that!

    • majorasue Says:

      Well, it’s not elegant and I take way longer than my normal shearer, but at least I get the fleece off of them! And I did learn my lesson the other day and am only doing one a day if I feel up to it. Irene (a white ewe) got shorn yesterday and quickly took her coat off. Since I wasn’t able to catch her quickly, I put her coat on a more cooperative ewe. Today, it was Fraija’s turn. She is sporting a lovely blue coat now.

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