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September 27, 2011

I had planned to post on Friday before I left for the weekend, and planned to title it “Off to OFFF”. Well, the week did not go as planned, and I was running over 3 hours late when I finally pulled out-of-town, so you get a recap instead!

It was a very busy week. Monday I procrastinated successfully by going to Kahneeta with 2 friends. We floated around the pool (yes, I followed orders and did not swim laps, as much as I wanted to). We had a nice lunch up at the lodge, since the snack bar was closed, and spent a little time in the casino playing slots.

Tuesday was my trip over to Scio to get the turkeys processed. I loaded them in a large dog crate in the back of the van on Monday night. I started by trying to lift the tom, which both he and my back objected to. He even clocked me in the head with a wing. The hens were more cooperative, and then I herded him out to the car and he allowed me to lift him in. Off to bed about 9:30, since I had to get up at 4:30 to make it to the butcher’s by 7:30. When I dropped the birds off I was told that they would be done early afternoon (she said it was a light day, about 80 birds including my 4). I spent the morning and early afternoon in Salem, knitting, eating lunch, and shopping. Still hadn’t heard from the butcher by 3, so I decided to drive back out to Scio, since it’s about a half hour away. I drive up, and the owner comes out to inform me that the girl who spoke to me in the morning had not known that they were also processing 100 ducks. Long story short, mine aren’t done yet. I freaked slightly, since I still had a 3 hour drive and had not made arrangements for the beasties to get dinner. She said she’d get one of the girls working on the turkeys asap, and it would take about half an hour. Ok, I can knit a little longer. It actually was closer to an hour, and as soon as I hit an area where I had cell service I called my DIL to please feed for me. The turkeys are now taking space in my mom’s freezer. I have learned that I should have done them earlier. The processed weights of the hens were 19, 21, and 22 pounds. The tom came in at just under 29 pounds!

Wednesday I worked on dyeing some superwash roving to blend on the carder, as well as some sock yarns and pashmina shawls. In the evening mom took me to see Chicago at the Tower Theater downtown. My biggest question is why they didn’t start the show until 8 pm. Didn’t get home until after 11. I’d gone over to her house at about 5, since I was under the impression that we were going to get something to eat first, but we just ended up knitting and watching “Chopped”

Thursday dawned early. Have to get things done for the show! Instead, I end up having to buy a new monitor for the desk top computer (so I can print corrected business cards). I also got zip ties, baskets for the silent auction, and gas for the car. Finished dyeing during the day, and did some carding in the evening, but the superwash wasn’t dry yet, so I worked on other batts.

Friday. Up early again, hoping to hit the road by 10. Carded like a mad fiend, cleaned the back of the van, packed my bag, re-packed inventory, loaded everything. Actually got out-of-town at about 1:30. Traffic, a side trip to get a few items I forgot. Finally pulled in to the fairgrounds in Canby at 5 pm. Luckily, Laura and Correy were running late also, so we were able to get set up all together.

Laura found some grid wall on Craig’s list, and it really helped make a more professional looking booth. I still need to work on packaging effectively. It was a fairly good show. Being able to take credit card payments was HUGE! It was so nice to be able to see someone counting cash to see if they could afford what they wanted and say:” I can take a card” and make the sale. Didn’t make as much as I’d wanted to (will I ever?), but I do a little better every show.

Things I learned this weekend:

  • I need to not procrastinate so much. I plan to spend a little time every week carding, and get ahead of myself.
  • I have to work on packaging. Get my logo on stuff better, so it won’t matter if I don’t slip my business card into the bag.
  • I’ve got to figure out better displays. I may need to get another table, and I need to work out ways to show off my items, so things look less cluttered. I’ve got until Fiber Market Day at the end of March, so time to do some research and planning.
  • Figure out if I can justify/budget a booth of my own at OFFF. It was nice to share, but it would also be nice to have more space.

This morning I saw the orthopedic doctor that did the shots in my back and hip 6 weeks ago. He was really upbeat and encouraging that we can get to what’s going on and fix it, which was nice. I did let him know that his PN had been very dismissive of how I was feeling and my pain. We are going to try some different medications to start (including one that should help me sleep), and I get to consider some other options. I am so tired of  being in pain, but he said that the things I’ve already done are helpful in ruling out a lot of things. Fingers crossed!

So sore

September 5, 2011

Ok, I’ll admit it again – I am a really bad cripple. Things need to get done, and I try to listen to my body, but I have a really hard time quitting before I get finished with what ever goal I had set. Today’s goal was shots for the ewes and possibly shear a couple. Should have stopped with shearing one, but no, I had my mind set on doing 2 of them. So now I can barely move. It’s not like I was moving fast, or contorting my body excessively. I took my time, mostly sitting on the ground next to the tied up ewe. I went really slow with Midge, cuz she is a total dingbat, especially about change and being touched. Really glad I had a pain pill left!

One big change coming: I’m now able to take credit cards on my cell phone!! That means that Oregon Flock and Fiber will hopefully be a little more lucrative. I will have Romeldale stuff at the ARCA booth, and I’ll be sharing a booth for non-Romeldale stuff with a couple of friends. So I’ve been working up a bit of inventory; some needle felted things , more stitch markers. I need to dig out the dye pots and do some more sock yarns, and the pashmina scarves. After OFFF I’ll work on getting the sale page linked to here. I tried Etsy, but there is so much stuff there that I kind of got lost. I’m not writing it off entirely, but I need to dedicate some time to learning how to make it productive. It’s just hard to justify paying a fee when I didn’t sell anything. It’s not a huge amount, but the idea is to make money, not have more going out