Helping friends

I spent 2 days this week over at our State Fair helping friend Correy show her sheep. I am amazed at how many people think this was an extraordinary thing to do. In my book, friends help each other when possible. I cannot always be there to help all of my friends, especially not given my current physical condition. For example, while I can hold lead ropes and walk around the show ring, I would have been of little use with Brenda’s move into a new apartment.

I did notice an interesting phenomenon while I was at the fair. For the last few years I have apparently exuded an aura of unapproachability. It didn’t stop folks from asking questions when I would demo spinning in public, but when I would walk thru the commercial booths at fairs none of the vendors would call out to me, and I was hard pressed to get info if I approached them. That held true at our county fair. Friday morning I walked thru the commercial booths at the state fair and I was visible again. Not just to folks trying to peddle their wares either. Two young ladies stopped me to ask about the bag I was carrying (made from a cat chow bag), and folks just chatted me up. Twice during the day I went to watch parts of the horse show. Both times people sat near me (in a nearly empty arena), and the last time the guy spent a great deal of time talking to me. I’m not complaining; this is how things used to be. I’m just curious about what has changed back.

One really neat thing is that I have downloaded an app to my phone that will allow me to take credit card payments at Oregon Flock and Fiber! A friend recommended one that she has been using for several months with all her farmer market sales. I am very excited and hopefully it will improve sales. Now to get my butt in gear increasing inventory. I have to send off a check to pay for a booth, but I already talked to the person to request one near the Romeldale Association booth so I’ll be able to man both at the same time. That was I’ll be able to also sell my hand dyed yarns and sheep related stuff (since the ARCA booth only allows things that are at least 50% Romeldale). I’ve got a few ideas for some new lines and some new packaging (my mind does wander wonderfully while I’m driving)

I’ll close my rambling post with some pictures of the bounty I picked up in the valley yesterday. I’m off to Mom’s to use her freezer to preserve blueberries and peaches…



One Response to “Helping friends”

  1. Leigh Says:

    What pretty eggplants. I have yet to grow any eggplant successfully, though it’s on my list.

    I know that experience of feeling invisible, it happens to me at times too. Like you, I find it puzzling!

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