Life moves on

I recently got a picture message from one of Jo’s best friends. She is now engaged, and I am very happy for her. But it also hurts to know that these girls are as close as I am going to get to planning a wedding as the mom of the bride, and also as close as I am likely to get to grandbabies. Breaks my heart all over again. Making the shawl for Brin was an emotional thing, and she looked so good in it.

Youngest and I were talking the other day while driving around. I would love to be able to make a living with my knitting. He thinks I should write a book. I think I’ll knit up a couple of wedding shawls, original designs, and see if I can sell the designs on Ravelry. I really like how the semi-circle hung as a veil, and they seem to knit up fairly quickly. Think I’ll go online and get some lace yarns…


2 Responses to “Life moves on”

  1. Leigh Says:

    Woo hoo! I’m back online after 2 weeks of broken network card and no internet! I wanted to say I appreciated your comment about Chipper.

    I know I’m not understanding everything that’s going on here, because I haven’t followed along with your blog all along. But please accept a big cyber hug from me to you.

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