Ooh look, a chicken!

My friends will recognize the phrase. We use it on each other when someone’s attention appears to have wandered. A lot of us have ADD tendencies.

I normally have several things demanding my attention, and I have a hard time sticking to projects without getting distracted by the next few things waiting impatiently in line. It is very normal for me to have 2 to 3 pairs of socks on needles, a shawl or 2, a couple of sewing projects, a couple of books or magazines mid-read, all at the same time.

Right now I am struggling to maintain interest in the Niebling shawl. It languishes on the coffee table. I have finished my SurgiCenter socks (started the day of my shoulder surgery, finished the day after my back/hip shots). What is screaming for attention right now is my recreation of Neville Longbottom’s fair isle sweater from the last Harry Potter movie. I have done my best to decipher the motifs used, and have started a notebook to hopefully keep track. I’ve knit up a sample using my Romeldale yarns. The colors are off a bit, since my “black” is actually a dark charcoal grey, and my grey is lighter than the one used on the original. I’m going to have to do some math to get the sweater to fit me, since I’m built nothing like Neville.



I am happy with my interpretations. I started from the original movie poster as shown on the Warner Brothers website. Not a great picture as far as being able to catch all the details, but I think I’m pretty close. I am going to make myself set it aside until I finish the Niebling, and I’ve committed to 3 pairs of socks for a friend for Christmas, so those things need to take priority. I will allow myself to work on the math part of the sweater, as well as research the logistics of sleeve  & sweater contruction, since I haven’t done a whole fair isle sweater before.

And speaking of chickens (and turkeys), they are all doing well. Lost one of the turkeys, but the others are growing madly, and the chicks have started laying. Nothing beats farm fresh eggs! Sizes and colors are pretty varied, and I’ve gotten 1 shell-less egg, but the girls are getting in the groove. I need to replace the light in the hen house before the days get too much shorter, so that I can encourage them to keep laying as long as possible. I don’t think everyone is laying quite yet, based on the number of eggs I’m collecting most days, but I’ve had plenty to give to family and friends (not as much as they would like, lol)


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