Ahh, insomnia

Here it is, 2 am, and I’m still up despite not sleeping very well last night, getting up fairly early, and having taken a pain pill.

I didn’t read the premium book correctly, so I’m going to have to make 2 trips to the fairgrounds in the next few days. One tomorrow (today actually) to pick up my exhibits, and another sometime next week to get my premium money. No fancy ribbons this time, just the usual assortment of blue, red and white. I do enjoy the showing. I did get to handle the rosette and award for the Supreme Ram on Thursday since I happened to be holding Correy’s black horned ram. She offered to take my picture, but I’ll wait until it’s actually my animal!

Our county fairs are as different as night and day. Deschutes is much more intense, and the fair board is not terribly user friendly. They give the impression that they would very much like to see the animals disappear; the sheep superintendent says that she has no input on selection of the judge, and shows no inclination to change the classes to what is actually being shown. Delivery dates are spread over 3 days (not very convenient if you actually have a job). Crook is much more laid back. The sheep super actually asks for our input, and comes around during Deschutes to make sure that we have enough pens set aside, configured the way we want them. Most of the departments actually seem to want you there, and work to maximize the classes and the premium moneys.

I’m still making progress with my shoulder, and getting nowhere with my back and hip. I am scheduled to go in on Tuesday for shots to both, a process I am NOT looking forward to. Hopefully they will work, because I am really tired of hurting. The pain pills I have really don’t do more than take the edge off and put me to sleep (usually). There are so many things I should be doing around here, but most days I’m lucky to get the beasties fed without having to sit down in the middle. Hurting sucks, and I feel whiney most of the time!

I am making progress on the Niebling shawl. Got about 1/6 of the way into row 95 with the first skein, and am now up to row 103. Only 135 rows to go. Doesn’t sound like much when I put it like that, but the rows are already 552 stitches around, and growing. We’ll see how far I get on the yarn I have. I think I have enough, but it’s hard to translate his amounts of crochet thread to actual yarn.


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