Deschutes County Fair

I always enjoy fair. This year I didn’t enter any animals, but I did help my friends show their animals (with approval of pt). Hopefully next year I will have lambs at the right time and size. It was a pretty good show, and the judge proved that he has paid attention to the breed standards we have given him in previous years. In between the wool sheep and the meat breeds he judged the wool fleeces, and we stood around and supervised to make sure he didn’t mess up too bad. Friend Barb took the Supreme Fleece (Romeldale), Correy took Best Ewe (Romeldale), and Robina took Best Ram (Blue Face).

I did enter several handspun skeins, as well as a pair of handspun/handknit socks started during the Tour de Fleece this year, as well as the sweater I made for my mom, socks that will be christmas presents, and the re-do of Brin’s wedding shawl. Totally shocked to find this when I went down to check how I’d done:

Yes, it took Best in Show! I am beyond proud, and it wasn’t until the last day that a friend pointed out that it was hung wrong side out all week. Made up for the few things that didn’t place, though I am confused by the notes left on those (I’ve gone over my mom’s sweater 4 times and still can’t find the knots the judge did. It didn’t even place. Oh well, mom loves it).

Even when I don’t have animals of my own there it is a long week. I helped keep buckets full and jumped up from spinning several times to educate folks that grabbing rams by the horns really isn’t the best way to handle them. I got more spinning done last week than I have in the last 3 months, and Monday morning my arm was feeling it. I’m under orders to rest it, but don’t think I did any real damage.

Parting shot – the light was hitting my wheel just right one evening and I couldn’t resist this shot:


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