New Shawl

I finished the Brin redux shawl Sunday night, and blocked and wove in ends today. It is light as a feather, and I am very proud of how it turned out. Love the yarn (Baby Lace Merino from Elann, half merino, half baby alpaca).

I really am going to have to spend some time figuring out how to post pictures from my Flickr account, but for now here is the link:

It took just a month to do, which isn’t bad considering that quite a bit of that time was limited due to the shoulder surgery. Speaking of which , I continue to improve (and to be a bad cripple). It is very hard to get through my normal day without using that arm to lift things or put weight on that arm. Friday my van died on my ay home from dropping the kid off at work and I had to push it completely off the road then hike a mile to my mom’s for help. That will teach me to leave the cell phone at home on the charger! Not moving the car was not an option. The shoulder actually complained less than the back & hip. I baby it as much as I can, do my exercises, and revel in the fact that it hurts SO much less than before the surgery. After pt on Monday the therapist asked me what my pain level in the shoulder was. Now, it had been at a 3 when  I walked in, and we had actually started doing some more active movements. I had to think for a second before I could say there wasn’t any pain. My shoulder was tired, my back & hip hurt, but there wasn’t any pain! Mom had taken me, since car was in the shop getting a new serpentine belt, and her mouth dropped open. Even she couldn’t remember the last time I could say no pain! I have dealt with this since a car accident in 2005; it’s been a long time coming. Now if we could just get the back and hip to fall in line…


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