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Surgery survived

June 28, 2011

Thursday I finally got my shoulder cleaned up. The doctor removed bone spurs and floating cartilage, and made space in the joint. She said there is  small tear, but without the bone spur rubbing on it, it should heal on its own. Here’s hoping!

I spent 2 days at my mom’s, being taken care of. Not something I’m very good at. She did a great job of keeping me medicated, hydrated, fed & cared for.  She finally decided I would be okay at home alone, but only because the eldest and his wife are coming by to feed every day this week.

The pain level is already very tolerable. I am staying ahead with the meds. I start physical therapy tomorrow, so we’ll see what the therapist says. I couldn’t stand the bandage anymore, so that is off. No pics, it’s not very pretty (but better than expected)

Ah, Paris!

June 20, 2011

Ok, so I was going thru the list of blogs I catch up on semi-regular, and came upon a wonderful contest to enter – to in a week in Paris! How could I not enter? And you can too! Just go to before 11:59 tonite.

My childhood was spent being moved. We spent 4 years in Paris, and it is one of a very short list of big cities that I love. I was able to take the 2 youngest kids for a few days about 10 years ago. It was a great, if hectic, trip. Most of the regular tourist attractions were on strike, so we ended up doing things like the Museum of Natural History instead of the Louvre. It was March, so the weather was kind of iffy, but how can you go wrong with Paris?

It left enough of an impression that when the middle kid had to pick where to study abroad (a graduation requirement at her college), she chose 6 months in Paris. She got to see a lot of Europe on school breaks, took classes at the Sorbonne, and came home with a huge appreciation for life in the US