Brins’ wedding shawl progress

Last September I was asked to knit a semi-circular shawl for a wedding veil. The shape was the only stipulation put on  me by the bride, Brin. We looked at yarns, and had a light fingering weight yarn custom spun out of one of her moms’ white Romeldale fleeces blended with a little white angora rabbit I bartered for. The yarn got delivered in January.

While I waited I used some lace weight yarn I had on hand to test knit the Vernal Equinox shawl (since I’d never done a semi-circular shawl before). That gave me the basics and the math. Then I started working up a sample using lace patterns that would actually mean something to Brin. I chose cat paws, horseshoe, 2 sizes of leaves, willow, and 3 types of trees. The edging, which I just started today, is Elaborate Print O’ the Wave, which will be randomly beaded.

This is a labor of love. The whole wedding is. Several friends are doing things. The dress is being made by one friend, her slippers by another. Mom will do her hair. The wedding feast will be a pot luck. The only hard part for me is that she (unknowingly) has chosen Jo’s birthday for the wedding day. I will of course go, but it will be hard

project pics are available on Ravelry –


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