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Brins’ wedding shawl progress

April 30, 2011

Last September I was asked to knit a semi-circular shawl for a wedding veil. The shape was the only stipulation put on  me by the bride, Brin. We looked at yarns, and had a light fingering weight yarn custom spun out of one of her moms’ white Romeldale fleeces blended with a little white angora rabbit I bartered for. The yarn got delivered in January.

While I waited I used some lace weight yarn I had on hand to test knit the Vernal Equinox shawl (since I’d never done a semi-circular shawl before). That gave me the basics and the math. Then I started working up a sample using lace patterns that would actually mean something to Brin. I chose cat paws, horseshoe, 2 sizes of leaves, willow, and 3 types of trees. The edging, which I just started today, is Elaborate Print O’ the Wave, which will be randomly beaded.

This is a labor of love. The whole wedding is. Several friends are doing things. The dress is being made by one friend, her slippers by another. Mom will do her hair. The wedding feast will be a pot luck. The only hard part for me is that she (unknowingly) has chosen Jo’s birthday for the wedding day. I will of course go, but it will be hard

project pics are available on Ravelry –


April 26, 2011

Today is the third anniversary of my daughters’ death. It still feels so raw, and I don’t relish spring like I used to. It is too full of anniversaries of things that hurt. Starts mid -March with my (deceased) boyfriends’ birthday, then mine (that’s ok), then her death, his death, her birthday, finishing up mid-May. Two months of tears and sorrow and wishing things could be undone, and knowing that they can’t.

Today I watched Jurassic Park in her honor, and worked on socks, and cried, and felt the love of my friends and chosen family envelope me. I miss her so much…

Still Alive

April 19, 2011

Oh my, I have had a hard time blogging lately. Life truly is what happens when you’ve made other plans.

So, I’ve been off work since February 9th. Slipped getting out of the shower at work, managed to totally muck up my back and hip. Been doing pt since. Boy it’s slow progress!

Got baby chickens on March 12 – 6 Buff Orpingtons and 4 Barred Rocks

This years lambs started arriving on March 19 – First to deliver was Ida Lynn. A beautiful ewe lamb, mostly white with red marks on her legs. I let my neice India name her, with the only rule that it had to start with L. So, meet Lydia, now a month old

Baby turkeys joined the menagerie on April 2nd –

And then on my birthday Todd’s favorite ewe Faith presented me with a beautiful black ewe lamb – Lala

Today I cleaned out the chicken coop and bedded it with fresh straw. The last remaining older hen is under strict orders to prove she is still laying or she will join her sisters in the pot. Then I moved the chicks out

I also planted the 2 blueberries I got at Costco last week and put spinch seeds around them. Hopefully that will help keep the weeds down under them

I need to figure out how to get pictures from Flikr moved over here into the post rather than seperate. Oh well, maybe later this week!


April 19, 2011
Lala by MajoraSue
Lala, a photo by MajoraSue on Flickr.

Baby Turkeys

April 19, 2011
Baby Turkeys by MajoraSue
Baby Turkeys, a photo by MajoraSue on Flickr.


April 19, 2011
Lydia by MajoraSue
Lydia, a photo by MajoraSue on Flickr.

Baby Chicks

April 19, 2011
Baby Chicks by MajoraSue
Baby Chicks, a photo by MajoraSue on Flickr.

Moved to the coop

April 19, 2011
Moved to the coop by MajoraSue
Moved to the coop, a photo by MajoraSue on Flickr.