So, what have I been up to?

Good question. Between work and grieving and doctors visits over the mountains and taking care of the beasties, I have actually found time to be at least a little creative.

When my daughter passed I happened to have 3 pounds of white sock yarn hanging out at my house. My daughter’s motto in life was “Dance like no-one is watching”, so I dyed all 3 pounds and I have started knitting socks for all the important  folks in her life. Same colorway, different pattern every pair (don’t need any more crazy!) Dance Like No One Is WatchingMakes me happy every time I work on the socks, and kind of works up like confetti. Love it.

I also dyed several other colors of sock yarn for sale. Each colorway is named for someone important to Jo, and has a story behind it.

Coffee Run skeinsWish this showed truer to the real colors. It is “Liz’s Coffee Run”, a mixture of browns to creams (deep espresso to cafe au lait). Named for Jo’s honorary big sister, and based on all those times in high school when they would tell their teacher that they were going for supplies, but really went on a coffee run.

Flying Pig skeinsThis is “Sarah’s Flying Pigs”. Sarah and Jo decided to join 4-H together, and decided that they would do pigs. Sarah’s family lived deep in suburbia, so the pigs got to live at our house. They joined a wonderful group, the Boss Hogs. A play day was scheduled for one meeting, where the kids would all bring their pigs and practice showing them. We dutifully loaded 2 of the 3 pigs in the back of our pickup and headed to the meeting. The girls were supposed to keep an eye on the pigs while I drove, since the shell we had could not be locked. We had just gotten to the end of our road and I was getting up to speed (45 mph) when the girls, in unison, said “oh no!”. I looked in the rear view mirror in time to see one round little pig rear disappear out the back of the truck. I pulled over and ran back to the pig, who had somehow managed to survive the attempt at flight, but was badly shaken by the experience. There was no way to lift her back in to the truck, so I handed Sarah her pig cane, a jug of water and gave her instructions to start walking back to the house (about 1.5 miles). Jo and I drove back to the house, unloaded her pig and started walking back to Sarah. I grabbed a donut as we dashed through the house. When we got back to Sarah she had made it exactly across the street from where we had left her. According to her, the pig kept stopping and laying down, and when Sarah sat by her the pig would put her head in Sarah’s lap! A little donut enticement got her up and walking, at least for a while. We made it about 1 mile before the poor beast decided that she’d had enough and wanted to turn back. It took some major persuasion before I got her to turn the corner. She then recognized where she was and RAN back to her pen. We loaded us, but not the pigs, back in the truck and headed off to the meeting, where the girls borrowed other kids pigs to work with, and they won the “Flying Pig” award for the day! This yarn is pink and white with a dash of silver (for wings)

Doffodil skeins“Chelsea’s Daffodils”. Much more yellow than this picture shows, with a bit of orange and apricot, and green. My mom is actually knitting herself a pair of socks out of this, so I’ll try to snag a picture. Chelsea and Jo were friends and basketball team mates. On a visit to our house one fall day, Chelsea was totally amazed to see me planting daffodil bulbs in anticipation of the next springTequila Sunrise skeinsJo’s favorite 2 colors were pink and orange, so here they are together – this is “Elaine’s Tequila Sunrise”. Named for my mom.

More pics soon. This wasn’t all I got done…


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