We are almost half-way through the run of Grease, and so far all have survived. I’m exhausted, and I’m only the mommy! But I have been there at least4 hours a day since last Sunday, helping with programs, concessions, and costumes (I’ve repaired one prom dress 3 times! Hopefully completely replacing the straps that kept breaking will be the last fix).

Last night was my chance to be in the audience and just relax and enjoy the show. It’s hard for me to do, but I think I managed ok. The kids did a great job (best show so far), but it was hard because my SigOt wasn’t able to come to the show due to his mother’s deteriorating health (he has been living with his folks for the last 2 1/2 years, helping his mom with his dad, who had a stroke about 5 years ago). He got to come home for a weekend a couple of weeks ago, but that may be the last time for a while. They just can’t get by without him, and there really isn’t any other family that can/will step up and do what he does. I know that we are doing the right thing, but it is hard, especially on him (I’m pretty self sufficient, so having him go stay with his folks was a no-brainer as far as I was concerened). I know that this is time that he will realize was a gift when his parents are gone.

While sitting in the audience at Grease I worked on my socks in progress (Don’t go very many places without either some knitting or a drop spindle and some fiber). I am working on developing a new pattern, so when they are closer to done I will post a pic or 2. I cast on a provisional cast so that I could work the feet first, then I will go back and do the legs. I tend to work both socks at the same time, so that when I am done I am truly done. I am doing the feet in a twisted stockinette, which is turning out quite pretty, though not as stretchy as regular stockinette. I want to do the legs with a leaf lace pattern. The yarn I am using is green, yellow, orange and brown, so I thought leaves would be very appropriate. I’m hoping these will be for me, but my daughter may lay claim to them. We’ll see… I’ve also been working on the sweater I have designed for my SigOt. He had been asking for a sweater for a while, but he’s a big guy, and the thought of knitting that many miles of plain stockinette was just overwhelming for me. So I devised a pattern using 24 different stitch patterns – 9 for the front, 9 for the back, and 3 each for the sleeves. I made up a heart sttich for one sleeve, since he wears his heart on his sleeve for real. It’s just a simple v-neck sweater, but it is turning out very nice, if I do say so myself. I am almost to the ends of the sleeves, but I need him to try it on for sleeve length now. I definately want to enter it in our local fairs this summer.


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