Grease is the word!

2 lambs

My daughter’s High School is doing Grease for their musical this year (one of the few this year, since it is going to be on Broadway). Tonite is the final dress rehearsal, and I can hardly wait, because it means that we’re almost done.

Sometimes being a good mommy is a lot of hard work. Sunday, I spent 9 hours with the kids at their double rehearsal, doing all the costume adjustments. Monday was a light day, only 4 hours more doing the same (the last box of costumes finally came in from Toronto). Yesterday I spent 6 hours at the copier, making 1000 copies of the program (nothing like leaving things to the last second!), then another 3 hours stapling and folding. Lucky me, I get to repeat that today, since we figure we need at least 2000 copies to start. My back and arms hurt so much last noght! And in between all this fun, I still had to take care of the beasties.

The funniest thing about yesterday was how few people commented on the fact that I was sitting next to the copier knitting (of course I brought socks to work on! I’m no dummy) Only 2 people said anything, and they both made the same comment: “You must have a lot of copies to do.” They don’t know that I whip out the socks at the least provocation (even a long red light)

Well, back to the copy shop….


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